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The Little Witch from Witchland

Far away, there’s a Witchland. This is a place where people are not very nice. One day, little witch Momo decided to leave witchland to see the world. Along the way she learned manners and compassion. This helped her see the world in ways she had never imagined before. She learnt to feel for people and her heart aches for them.

One day, Momo met Prince Smartsmart from Smartyland. Well every story has a prince right? Prince Smartsmart is super smart. After chatting with Momo, he found that though Momo had left witchland, but she has not forgotten the unkind ways she was brought up with. Momo is still unkind when she gets angry. 

Prince Smartsmart decided to help Momo. However Momo does not like to be told that she is unkind and gets angry at Prince Smartsmart. When Momo is angry, she becomes unkind and the cycle goes on.

Deep inside, Momo knows that only Prince Smartsmart can help her, as he is the only person who knows how to, cos he’s super smart.

Momo knows that being unkind is wrong and that she can never go home cos she is different now and the folks at home will never understand. However moving forward takes a lot of courage. Because Prince Smartsmart will not always be there. He needs to go off to help even more people and for Momo, unlearning something is more difficult than learning it.

Momo is thankful to be able to leave home and experience the world. She is also thankful to meet good people like Prince Smartsmart who helped even though she was unkind to him when angry.

Now, Momo is looking forward to becoming kind like the people around. It might not happen so fast but slowly and surely Momo will learn the kind ways and become the kindest witch in the world.