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Growing Up

Somewhere near the Amazon, there’s a rainbow coloured caterpillar, Guly.  He spent his day dancing and showing off his beautiful colours. One day, the caterpillar started going into a cocoon. All his friends think he will be the most beautifully coloured butterfly they have ever seen and they waited for him patiently.

A few months later, Guly emerged from the cocoon and was carefully spreading his wings when he saw his friends’ disappointed faces. He has matured, but not in ways that his friends expected. Now, he is a dark brown butterfly.

With age comes wisdom. Guly knows that his friends hoped that he will be a pretty, colourful butterfly. However, with all the time spent quietly listening in the cocoon, he learnt that it is not about how he looks anymore. He has a very important job of making sure that the flowers become fruits for everyone to eat and use. With no time to lose, Guly said goodbye to his childhood friends and hurried towards his purpose.