Will the rich poor gap widen and nanobots

Nanotechnology is advancing. Humans will be able to put small nanobots into our brains in the near future. These nanobots can help us access external computers. So humans can calculate faster or be fed instant information from the web etc.

I guess the rich poor gap will be even wider when that happens. Rich people can then purchase more computing power for their brains and excel even more in schools and workplaces.

Maybe there will also be counterfeit nanobots and some will be implanted wrongly. The problems we will face in the future will be nothing like what we have seen before. Therefore, education systems have to change. We need to teach kids to  be problem solvers. For example, we are still teaching them to write on papers when we are typing or googling our day at work. These kids will most probably be typing(now) or “thinking”(future)  and words will appear on the screen.

A recent neuro invention scientist on TEDtalk said that she can show the image in a person’s mind on the screen. The image received is not yet HD, however it is only a matter of time.

Its like child-birth, the future is dangerous and exciting at the same time.