Will the rich poor gap widen and nanobots

Nanotechnology is advancing. Humans will be able to put small nanobots into our brains in the near future. These nanobots can help us access external computers. So humans can calculate faster or be fed instant information from the web etc.

I guess the rich poor gap will be even wider when that happens. Rich people can then purchase more computing power for their brains and excel even more in schools and workplaces.

Maybe there will also be counterfeit nanobots and some will be implanted wrongly. The problems we will face in the future will be nothing like what we have seen before. Therefore, education systems have to change. We need to teach kids to  be problem solvers. For example, we are still teaching them to write on papers when we are typing or googling our day at work. These kids will most probably be typing(now) or “thinking”(future)  and words will appear on the screen.

A recent neuro invention scientist on TEDtalk said that she can show the image in a person’s mind on the screen. The image received is not yet HD, however it is only a matter of time.

Its like child-birth, the future is dangerous and exciting at the same time.




The Precious Compartment in My Heart


If life is all happy, I might not appreciate the happy times. Now I appreciate the happiness I used to have. They will always be kept in my heart’s precious compartment, where all the precious things are.

Now and then I take them out to feel and look through. A lot of times I cry when seeing them again. Yet I would always go back to them. They remind me how imperfect life is.

Maybe I will bring all these precious with me till the end of my life, never sharing them with anyone.

The Hidden Treasure

In a far away village, where goats are seen as more precious than cows, the goats make the rules and the cows follow. Every goat owns some cows and when goats have a bad day or when cows don’t obey fully, the cows get beaten up and hanged upside down as a public spectacle, as a warning to the other cows.

The cows love the goats and they work the fields and clean the house diligently. Sometimes when the goats drive out to the city to buy some stuff, the cows could take a little rest.

If you could ask the cows, they will tell you how much they hope to go out and see the city, however they are not allowed to drive.

Beside a normal hut, a little calf was ordered to clean the barn. A little lamb was bored after school and started throwing pebbles at it, laughing, thinking where to catch some eels later.

Days go by and the little calf grew up understanding how less valuable it is than the goats. It got used to being ordered around and beaten up for mistakes that happened no matter whose fault it is. It is grateful though, because some of the little calves are sold to the butchers, at least it is allowed to stay. It just hope the goats are happy and not get angry so often. It also hope that one day it can get to see the city lights.



Growing Up

Somewhere near the Amazon, there’s a rainbow coloured caterpillar, Guly.  He spent his day dancing and showing off his beautiful colours. One day, the caterpillar started going into a cocoon. All his friends think he will be the most beautifully coloured butterfly they have ever seen and they waited for him patiently.

A few months later, Guly emerged from the cocoon and was carefully spreading his wings when he saw his friends’ disappointed faces. He has matured, but not in ways that his friends expected. Now, he is a dark brown butterfly.

With age comes wisdom. Guly knows that his friends hoped that he will be a pretty, colourful butterfly. However, with all the time spent quietly listening in the cocoon, he learnt that it is not about how he looks anymore. He has a very important job of making sure that the flowers become fruits for everyone to eat and use. With no time to lose, Guly said goodbye to his childhood friends and hurried towards his purpose.


Imagine a world where emotions can be seen. When you’re angry, there’ll be a mash of dedicated storm clouds over your head, or when you’re happy, some beautiful rainbows circle you. How’s that for a thought?

Well, it’ll be nice to be surrounded by pretty rainbows. However, if I’m already angry and some personalised lightning cloud follow me around and electrocute me, I’ll be super pissed. Super super pissed.

Two Fluffy Squirrels – Super Short Story

Two fluffy squirrels, Froofroo the male squirrel and Choochoo the female squirrel, are sitting in a tree. After the fire, all they have is each other. Its not easy to find food but they do get by. Every night they find warmth in each other.

One day, Froofroo found another fluffy squirrel, Joojoo. She was lost and was trying to find her way back home to her parents. Froofroo convinced her that she’s old enough to leave her parents and introduced her to Choochoo.

That night, Froofroo shoved Choochoo down the tree when she was sleeping and lived happily ever after with Joojoo.

The Little Witch from Witchland

Far away, there’s a Witchland. This is a place where people are not very nice. One day, little witch Momo decided to leave witchland to see the world. Along the way she learned manners and compassion. This helped her see the world in ways she had never imagined before. She learnt to feel for people and her heart aches for them.

One day, Momo met Prince Smartsmart from Smartyland. Well every story has a prince right? Prince Smartsmart is super smart. After chatting with Momo, he found that though Momo had left witchland, but she has not forgotten the unkind ways she was brought up with. Momo is still unkind when she gets angry. 

Prince Smartsmart decided to help Momo. However Momo does not like to be told that she is unkind and gets angry at Prince Smartsmart. When Momo is angry, she becomes unkind and the cycle goes on.

Deep inside, Momo knows that only Prince Smartsmart can help her, as he is the only person who knows how to, cos he’s super smart.

Momo knows that being unkind is wrong and that she can never go home cos she is different now and the folks at home will never understand. However moving forward takes a lot of courage. Because Prince Smartsmart will not always be there. He needs to go off to help even more people and for Momo, unlearning something is more difficult than learning it.

Momo is thankful to be able to leave home and experience the world. She is also thankful to meet good people like Prince Smartsmart who helped even though she was unkind to him when angry.

Now, Momo is looking forward to becoming kind like the people around. It might not happen so fast but slowly and surely Momo will learn the kind ways and become the kindest witch in the world.

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